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Thankfully, there are ways to increase Internet speed without switching ISPs or purchasing a more powerful computer. Nextiva is so much more than a VoIP phone system. The other place where odd defaults were a bit more of a problem is in their cloud firewall offering. In doing so, I tested three cloud providers: DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode and wanted to summarize what I like and dislike about each of them here. This past weekend I wanted to spin up some personal computing infrastructure that I lost when Joyent dropped their public cloud offering. This is fine for the purpose of this comparison since as I mentioned before I wouldn’t be using Vultr’s firewall offering either and prefer to manage pf or nftables myself. It’s quite possible I was looking at their product with pre-conceived biases that were tainting my assessment of it, and it’s quite possible that my support experience is uncommon and that if I tried again I wouldn’t get so unlucky.

Although I likely wouldn’t use it for larger services where I’d want something under my own control (Prometheus), if I was just running a machine or two to host a blog or a mail server I’d love having some simple metrics I can look at. They support a number of operating systems out of the box including FreeBSD and OpenBSD which I use heavily, had smaller machines than DO or Linode have which are great for testing purposes, and even support booting with custom iPXE scripts (which made it very easy for me to get a SmartOS image up and running). Otherwise, everything on Linode appeared to just work out of the box. If you just want to check and send work emails on time, watch your favourite show on Netflix, or Google a quick question, 25 Mbps is a “good” internet speed. However, this isn’t the problem that made me not want to use DigitalOcean: the real problem was support. If you don’t want any of these (and you probably don’t), you can remove them, but now what should have been one API call to create a domain is 4. If, like me, you’re using Terraform which works using declarative config files to provision infrastructure, the process is very tedious.

This means that anybody can now find this mapping that was only known by ISPs or big companies (like Google and Facebook), but never communicated unless in case of a legal action. In this case I can’t access my droplets via SSH due to extremely high network latency and packet loss on the last hop and can’t access the recovery console because they don’t support resetting the root password on FreeBSD droplets. Support for video in SWF file format was added in Flash Player 6, released in 2002. In 2003, Flash Player 7 added direct support for FLV file format. There are so many great new features that you will experience once Windows 8 will be released in the market. They now have two factor authentication, their site redirects to HTTPS, their customer support was great when I submitted a few small questions, and the documentation was generally well organized and complete. I was very pleased with their customer support. I also filed a customer support request with Vultr shortly after signing up and quickly got a reply that didn’t resolve the situation, but at least made me feel confident that it was on their radar and that my question had been ready by a real person.

This does technically solve the problem, but definitely doesn’t feel good and is something I’d have to remember to do, and document everywhere I did it lest future me gets confused and removes what appears to be a useless rule but which is actually a very important rule that doesn’t actually do what it says on the tin. However, this add-on is not welcome by most users, because it often gets installed on their PCs without any knowledge and consent, and keeps popping up a barrage of unnecessary ads and coupons on their browsers. However, then I went to create another firewall for a machine that would never accept public traffic. Linode was the provider I had used most heavily in the past, so I went in with the most pre-conceived biases. However, I don’t have unlimited time to try products over and over again after a bad first impression, so onto the next provider. The first provider (A) should win hands down and that is the basis for the MyConnection Server Quality of Service measurement. The very first thing I encountered is that the “Signup by email” button doesn’t work on Firefox 71. When you click it, nothing happens: no silly animation, no new page, no error in the JavaScript console, nothing.

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