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Within the August forecast, a modest improvement was expected across both consumer borrowing and income growth despite more recent positive figures. In regards to recent economic data, The October UK manufacturing PMI came in lower at 56.0 from 56.3 in September, however with production indices still on track combined with the recent 0.8% GDP growth recorded Q3 and of course the continuous improvements in employment, this lends favourably to the Pound. In regards to economic data, a fairly consistent flow has kept an optimistic view of the AUD and the idea that the RBA will begin looking at increasing interest rates in the next few months. They will have a general idea of the type of campaign they want to run and the product or feature they want to emphasize. Do you want to learn how easy it is to identify trades using options trading strategies? While you may want to keep costly installed materials fairly neutral, you can paint the walls a bright, lively color — it’s an inexpensive way to make a splash. The offers appearing on this site may be from partners which Askmoney receives compensation for being listed here.

However, while looking at the pros and cons, it is still worth mentioning here two things. According to hobo ethics, that means you can’t go here if this person seems like they’re in a vulnerable position. The fight is like an Opposed Ability Test, except each success causes damage on the opponent. Hence why now we are seeing the AUD maintain a resilient stance on the charts in more recently times with interest from foreign investors and the like. People who live in some areas do have commutes over significant spans of water, like bays, Olymp ( rivers and lakes, but there have been no known movements to bring small submarines forth as an alternative to bridges and ferries. AU opened the week at 95827, moving to high of 96222, which met with rejection taking AU to a low of 95554. This then saw AU maintain at current levels around 95723 before following through with a bearish break out candle (high of 95744 and low of 95347) Price once again formed a small base around 95308 before resuming with a steady decline to a low of 94582 where support was found, reversing direction back to 195156 which upon the breach of 95 saw sellers step in taking price back under 95 to 94840. However, this then saw price attempt another move north meeting once again with 95 as a resistance level which upon this attempt higher, saw AU sell off to a low of 94406. Still reluctant to complete a move lower, price then maintained around the 23% ( 94683), looking for direction, before a bullish break out candle formed (low of 94657 and 950007) taking AU back to the 76% level (95075) where price then attempted to reject once again, finding support upon a bullish pinbar formed around DP (94760). This gave AU the push i needed to make its move back to the upside, which saw price break through the 76% level reaching a high of 95251 on the 31st October.

When assessing the current position of AU, we are still looking at a scenario of making a clear break above 95, which so far since its efforts to move north since its decline has struggled to do. This is backed by the 1 hour chart which also sees price sitting within the top end of its recent range which, if price breaks above 95145, will see AU attempt to head north. This has essentially kept the AUD afloat from a further decline and more poised now towards the upper end of the spectrum. As the economy now starts to gain more confidence in line with their economic data figures, the proposal of another cash rate cut will seem more unlikely while the economy continues on this path of recovery. The most recent minutes released by the BOE, reflected improvements in employment, household and businesses which was further supported by Governor Carney in one of his latter press conference speeches, he stated that the improvements of the economy over the last two quarters has helped in positioning the UK towards the “top end” of major economies.

Also in its favour has been stronger figures out of China such as the stronger PMI figure released by China towards the end of last week, which came in at 51.4 vs. When observing UJ on a daily chart, UJ is still positioned within a sideways trend that is yet to break with the last high at 100597 on the 11th September. In a recent speech given at the CFA Australia Investment Conference, it was highlighted that Australia has been keeping very close to its inflation targets and unlike other advanced countries, has been able to maintain an efficient banking system, while also experiencing an “investment boom” which has seen business investment reach over 18% of GDP, the highest within the last 50 years. Compared to other advanced countries, this places Australia in a much stronger position even despite the fact that mining investment has declined over the year as Australia moves away from the mining boom. This recurring problem formally limits investment options and forces some traders to create multiple accounts on different brokers in order to be able to trade their favorite assets or trade in a different market. We actively trade index, ETF, and single-stock options, offering clients exposure to the market.

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